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These stories are rated as "clean," meaning there's
 relatively little bad lauguage and only  occasional suggestions of romantic situations between certain male & female characters. 
Violence is within the scope of the first three  X-men films, which were PG-13 for sci-fi type violence.

Do note that  stories below have either "chapter" or "part" links for you to click on. 
All stories open in an
Adobe Reader window. A rating & synopsis accompanies each story. When finished,  just close the window and choose another!

{I used to offer "Writer's Challenges" on specific topics and that's what "Challenges" are.}

& Short Stories

 DG Davis
Survivor Challenge
"Wolverine's Don't"
Valentine Holiday Challenge

"A Matter of Conscience"
 Dream Challenge
"Christmas in the Trenches"
 Christmas Holiday Challenge
"Female Troubles"
Woman-from-Logan's- Past Challenge
Part 1      Part 2  
Description Challenge
 "Happy Dance"
Photo-Prompt Challenge
Of Shape Shifters and Spies"
Mystery Challenge

Flying Pigs and
Other Exasperations

Dialogue/BodyEnglish Challenge

 K. Dobson
"Joy to the World 
Christmas Holiday Challenge

Hydra Likes Pepperoni

An Iron Man/Xmen Story
Part 1     Part 2  

 B Nickerson
"No Place Like Home"
 Cross Reality Challenge
"It's A Good Life, Professor"
 Christmas Holiday Challenge
"The Presage"
Photo-Prompt Challenge

X to the Highest Power
A Novella by B Nickerson
Description: A
 clean, lightly romantic and highly relationship driven story-arc about human beings searching for love, belonging and security in world headed for chaos

{Note: The Highest Power storyline is a spin-off from the first X-men film; an original story unrelated to subsequent X-men & Wolverine movies.}
Original Character Bios & Art-Pics**

Part 1 
With Magneto in jail, it's the lull before the storm as Xavier adds two newcomers and their special helicopter to his arsenal only to discover they're all pawns in a bigger players game!
(Composed 2000-2003)
Chapters 1-5 
Chapters 6-10       Chapters 11-15
Chapters 16-20
     Chapters 21-25    
Chapters 26-30
Chapters 31-35

Part 2
 Discovering who that bigger player is and whether he's behind the mysterious new anti-mutant organization, Tau Omega,  is the back-drop thru-out this continuing saga. Each story connects to the
(Composed 2003-2011)

"The Runaways"
Part 1      Part 2

With This Ring"

Part 1     Part 2

"Through the Valley of The
Shadow of Death"
Part 1     Part 2     Part 3  
Part 4      Part 5
Faith, Hope & Love"
Part 1        Part 2 
"The Ties That
Part 1



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