More Clean Fanfic:

Animal Magnetism
An excellent clean X-men fan fic librarie!

The Carpe Noctem Librarie
All the varied & talented fan fic writings of Jordanna Morgan, inlcuding her Xmen librarie, Animal Magnetism.

Woman's Writers Block.Net
Features family-rated TV show fanfic including westerns, cop shows &  sci-fi.  Original characters only.

  Other Fandom Fiction:

A Star Trek: Enterprise cross-reality story by the author of "X to the Highest Power."

    Other Blogs & Writer Resources

Choice Morsels: My blog where I feature a variety of interesting, sometimes even amusing weekly posts Monday thru  Friday, including recipes, garden photos and more! Please drop by!

Writers Digest.Com: An online resource for writing contests, writing prompts &  more.

FictionFactor.Com: An online magazine featuring writing tips for fiction writers in general.

Brenda A. Coulter: A Christian Inspirational Romance author, Brenda's site offers book news , links to her blog, diary, how-to's on book writing & other interests.

Christian Science Fiction Blog Spot: Blog, new book intro, writing tips and anything else on the mind of Christian Sci-Fi author, Brandon Barr.  Please pray for him as he's being treated for Leukemia!

Nancy J. Cohen's BlogA mystery writer, Nancy shares the real life in's and out's of being a published author.

Laurie R. King--Mystery Writer:  My favorite author of the Mary Russell detective series, featuring Sherlock Holmes, Laurie's site offers book news, blog & virtual bookclub.
Other Interests

USS Velocity:  Real history of someone who was there. This is my fathers WW2 memoirs, including 18 months aboard a Minesweeper in the Pacific. Includes letters from boot camp and photos of the ships he served on.


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